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As the only hill station of the State of Rajasthan, Mount Abu offers some of the best outdoor experiences to those seeking wilderness. Many nature treks are available and our naturalists will be delighted to accompany you on these treks. The forest department has also created some safari trails that you can do on a drive and if you are lucky you may see some Indian Sloth Bears or Leopard while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Abu.

Treks are available of different grades from easy to difficult.

A ten minute walk will take you to a tranquil mini Nakki lake where you can sit and enjoy peace and quite watching the reflection of the Gurushekhar range of mountains.

A slightly longer trail will take you along the norther rim of Abu to the famous Trevor tank which was in the past used as a hunting machan.

Other treks include the Tiger Path from where you can visit Spongy (a mountain range) , Sambar Valley, Lime orchard, Fire watch tower, Golden horn along these trains you can see some amazing sun rises and sunsets along with beautiful panoramic views of the plains from Abu.

You can do the Crags hills walk, Baileys walk, Sunset point, Honey Moon point are easy walks near Nakki lake.

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